About the State

General Information

Elemental is a state in Gapla, the micronation ruled by President Wyatt Baek. It focuses on justice and prides itself as a new nation fixing the mistakes of the world.

Gapla is approximately 7,000 acres.

Elemental is the second largest state. It has a land area of 8,754 square feet (approximately 0.2 acres).

In Elemental, any form of cruelty is highly forbidden and severely punished, but before any punishment is inflicted the judge will hear out everything in each sides' story, but if one chooses not to say everything then someone innocent might get hurt.

About Her Majesty, the Queen

Chelsea Chen is the founder and Queen of the State of Elemental, currently serving as the Secretary of State of the Federated States of Gapla (the national government). The Queen is highly talented in music. She is a pianist and violinist with a streak of always ranking in competitions.

At a mere 9 years old, she performed at Segerstrom Hall and received the applause of the conductor and soloist. She also performed in front of a Chinese Consul member at Nixon library.

At the impressive age of only 10, she performed again at Nixon library, in front of a Chinese minister and Japanese Consul member. She is nearly always the concert master or the conductor of Gapla's national orchestras.

Queen Chelsea teaches violin master classes and Theory master classes, which include music composition and improvisation along with theory. You can sign up for them at masterclass.gaplagov.org. The Queen is very strict about cruelty, and in Elemental you'll always be heard! In Elemental you must treat the Earth well, be grateful, respect and be nice to all.

The Queen is a K-pop fan, her main group is BTS. Queen Chelsea is bisexual, and a part of the LGBT community. She likes to read, write, improvise on the piano or violin, and listen to music. She reads everything from novels to webtoon comics!

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